Sun Sign Compatibility for Leo Man And Cancer

Leo Man & Cancer Woman

This is an interesting combination because they both want the same thing but in different ways. Leo is keen on possessions to bolster their self-confidence while on the other hand Cancer wants security and possessions to bolster their stability and rock-solid emotional status.

Leo wants to be admired and loved while Cancer wants to be needed and loved. It requires a delicate balance because if either is rebuffed or fails to get their way, sparks will fly. But if their needs are meet, then their love can be deeply satisfying and long-lasting.

Both signs are keen on a happy family life. Leo is passionate and Cancer is sensitive. Again this can be a powerful mix and good for all concerned.

With the Sun and the Moon prominent in this pairing, there is a fine blend of the masculine and feminine aspects of life and this bodes well for both people both as individuals and as a couple.

Both signs make good leaders but in different ways. Leo is loud and brash while Cancer is the strong and silent type So long as both understand the differences, they can work well together and form a long and strong relationship. They are often a winning couple.