Sun Sign Compatibility for Leo Man And Aries

Leo Man & Aries Woman

Oh my goodness. This pairing has the potential for fireworks. Both like to be in charge, to rule the roost and to survive they will need to share not dominate the leading role. You can’t have two big chiefs.

Mind you when things work, the relationship can be little short of wonderful. With both being Fire signs, the good can be great but the bad can see arguments with plenty of vitriol.

The good times happen when each respects the other. With that respect any differences between them can be sorted out and overcome.

Aries will tackle anything and everything while Leo tends to have specific goals. Aries is independent and self-motivated but goal sharing and leadership sharing are vital. When that happens and romance is to the fore, fireworks are guaranteed.

Giving Leo your undivided attention is a surefire way to impress. Aries will do well to understand that Leo likes to be appreciated.

When two signs are positive-looking and life-affirming, the power they create together is something special. Aries should remember that Leo needs to shout their position of power even if Aries is the leader in the background. A little understanding can go a long way.