Sun Sign Compatibility for Gemini Man And Taurus

Gemini Man & Taurus Woman

‘Go slowly’ is a good piece of advice for this couple. They have much to learn, can teach one another many things but should hasten slowly. Taurus is the slow and steady one, the reliable and sedate sign whereas Gemini can be flighty and change their mind and often at that. Tip for Taurus is to be patient.

Gemini can certainly add spice to a relationship and the old-fashioned but dependable Taurus may be in for some different stimulation. Gemini is full of ideas and wit and you be worried if Taurus doesn’t appreciate this lively attitude. But being clever should enable Gemini to adjust to the less frenetic Taurus.

Danger signs are when their respective personalities clash. Gemini can be unpredictable and flirt. If Taurus knows this and can adjust to the flighty ways of the Gemini, danger can be avoided. Gemini on the other hand needs to bend to the steadfast manner of Taurus. ‘Be flexible’ is the catch cry in both signs.

Taurus is a lover of possessions and fine things at that. But this can cause problems. Taurus needs to be less possessive and more attuned to the needs and wishes of Gemini and thus lay the foundation for a long and happy relationship.