Sun Sign Compatibility for Gemini Man And Scorpio

Gemini Man & Scorpio Woman

This is a hit or miss relationship. If they click by understanding and accepting their differences, their pairing should be forever and ever. If they clash, the chances are they will not get on and thus break up.

You see Gemini is full of life, upfront and keen to try most things. But Scorpio is secretive and takes life very seriously. It seems an obvious clash. But knowing how the other thinks and operates is more than half the battle.

You see Scorpio has that eyesight which sees right through people. Gemini is too busy enjoying life so that serious approach means nothing. Therefore Scorpio needs to be taken seriously and Gemini needs to be given loyalty.

If they click they really click with plenty of passion and feeling in their romance. But tread carefully because Gemini is good at flirting and Scorpio does a very mean line in being jealous.

Gemini is good at communicating and will need all of this skill to assure Scorpio that their love and affection is returned and in spades. That achieved, Scorpio will be keen to show passion in the romantic stakes. It all adds up to a powerful relationship.

Nothing but the best is what each sign craves. Working in tandem means that success is just around the corner and life can indeed be better than good.