Sun Sign Compatibility for Gemini Man And Sagittarius

Gemini Man & Sagittarius Woman

We have here a potentially fabulous pairing. Both have the same need. Gemini and Sagittarius want freedom and while it is the mind and intellect with Gemini and in the physical side of things for Sagittarius, they are both in need of freedom.

The benefits continue though because both are keen on new things, on adventures and both love to move from one thing to another and get on with life.

Because there will always be several projects on the go at any one time, it’s vital that you sort out your priorities. Working together has never been so important.

Another plus is an almost identical outlook on life. Both signs are big on both friendship and romance and both are slow to anger and quick to forgive. If there is a falling out, it is soon fixed and forgotten.

Having this ‘give anything a try’ attitude makes for a brilliant match. Gemini comes up with lots of ideas and Sagittarius is willing and keen to try anything once.

Sagittarius needs to remember that Gemini is a twin and may have more than one opinion. Gemini needs to know that Sagittarius has a power of positive thinking and dragging them down will not go over well.

The caustic tongue of Gemini may upset the bossy Sagittarius but good communication can overcome any problems. This pair has lots in common and this fact should remove any problems.