Sun Sign Compatibility for Gemini Man And Gemini

Gemini Man & Gemini Woman

Because Gemini is the sign of the Twin, two Gemini people makes for four in reality. How can any relationship therefore be dull with so many personalities involved? Freedom and variety of expression are too characteristics of Gemini and so two of these signs have plenty of opportunity to bounce ideas off one another.

The problem is that both will want to be the life of the party and could start a competition. If they can avoid a stoush then the partnership can be wonderful.

The secret is to concentrate on their feelings and less on their mind and ideas. Then the romance can grow and become stronger. Romance based on feelings is so much more satisfying.

Because Gemini is a mutable sign their chance of changing and adapting according to the need of the situation is much greater than say a fixed sign. So with four personalities on tap and all being willing to adjust, someone, somewhere along the line will put forward a way forward.

Life is never dull when two Gemini people team up. Their intellect is always on the go and their wit and ideas bank is always full. Boring is not part of their existence.