Sun Sign Compatibility for Gemini Man And Capricorn

Gemini Man & Capricorn Woman

This is a tricky pairing. In many ways they could not be more different. Gemini is the life of the party, the flirt and the good time person. Capricorn is focused on self, on their promotion and advancement and status.

Capricorn is a quiet person, unassuming and not at all pushy. This is the direct opposite of Gemini. Then Gemini is always on the move and will change course at the drop of an idea. Capricorn is slow to change and will need a lot of persuasion to veer off course. In bed they may not be nearly as good as in business. They are ideal to go into trade together.

The clashes may come when it’s time to party. Capricorn has a tendency to brood and hold back. Gemini is ready to rock ‘n roll. This can cause tension. Flexibility is required and thankfully Gemini with their twin personas is not too bad at adjusting even changing course.

Capricorn is the reasoner and wants to know how things are likely to work out even before, let alone during the activity. Gemini is a ‘go with the flow’ character and whatever happens, happens.

Capricorn won’t take kindly to sarcasm and the sharp tongue of Gemini. Gemini may get bored with the oh-so-careful Capricorn. The key is to understand your partner.