Sun Sign Compatibility for Capricorn Man And Sagittarius

Capricorn Man & Sagittarius Woman

This pair is neighbors and they are not the same. Sagittarius is an adventurer while Capricorn is the office manager. This means that any romance is more likely than not to start slowly. Do not expect instant fireworks.

In many ways this pair is an opposite and it is often said that opposites attract. Capricorn is sedate and a planner with lists and rules to follow. Sagittarius is upfront and out there tackling all sorts of exciting things. But being so different can actually work in their favor when romance begins to bloom. As each has so much to teach the other, the education process can mean there are many things they can share with their partner.

Mind you, each has their faults and at first these flaws may stifle the budding romance. But when this blind spot behavior is overcome, there is fun aplenty with benefits galore. Sagittarius can introduce Capricorn to adventure and excitement while the latter can teach their partner the value of an orderly and systematic lifestyle.

There is another fine balance too in their respective approaches to life. Sagittarius tends to leap in while Capricorn will sit back and weigh the consequences before making a decision. With a little bit of both personalities, this pair will have a wonderful balance to their relationship.

Being so different, in the end becomes a plus.