Sun Sign Compatibility for Capricorn Man And Libra

Capricorn Man & Libra Woman

To succeed this pair needs careful understanding and a strong will. If those things eventuate then a happy union is likely to follow. Capricorn is a somewhat sedate person and often wise beyond their years. Libra is a thinker, an ideas person and someone with a passion for the theatre and literature.

Both needs to know the wants and desires of the other and then adjust to make the other one’s life that much better.

Libra needs to be patient and to encourage Capricorn to never give up. Capricorn needs to temper the enthusiasm of Libra to doing only things which are at least remotely possible.

Capricorn is the worker ant and Libra is the philosopher. Libra needs to become more practical and Capricorn needs to loosen up and start to enjoy the finer things of life including the arts.

Planning is highly recommended with this couple. If they are working together on a project, get the goal or goals listed first then assign specific roles. Don’t swap jobs mid-stream and keep on until the task is complete. That way things will actually get done and arguments will be kept to a minimum.

The best piece of advice for both these signs is to not get in the way of the other. When they join forces, if they know where the other is coming from, chances are they will have a deeply loving and happy union.