Sun Sign Compatibility for Capricorn Man And Capricorn

Capricorn Man & Capricorn Woman

Because both are a little on the conservative side, when a Capricorn and a Capricorn link up there is a sense of steady as she goes. They are careful with their money and rarely if ever take risks. In fact romance aside, this pair could probably be excellent business partners. Being a manager or a leader comes easily and your rise to success is limited only by your self-esteem or lack thereof.

Ambition is alive and well in a Capricorn so it is vital that they don’t lock horns trying to out-muscle or out-maneuver the other. Goats who lock their horns can be a pretty feisty opponent.

If they do settle down they are likely to have one of the best run households or homes in the world. In fact they will be so busy keeping order in an orderly environment that they might struggle to find time for fun and games.

Capricorn likes status and the higher the better. They can have a high energy level and be less inclined to change or adapt to someone else’s ideas. But Capricorn does have a great ability and capacity to love but as a twin, is not as emotionally charged as some of the other like signs.

What makes the Capricorn couple so good is their dedication to sharing responsibility. They will not shirk an issue and put in an enormous amount of effort in order to make their union a long and happy one.