Sun Sign Compatibility for Capricorn Man And Cancer

Capricorn Man & Cancer Woman

What a powerful combination with Cancer being loyal and emotional, a home lover and a great family person. Capricorn is a dedicated person, someone who is practical and logical. They team up well.

There are traps though because Cancer tends to become more deeply involved in the emotional aspect of life and Capricorn less so. In fact Capricorn may seem to be lacking in an outward show of affection and emotion. But this is where understanding and knowledge plays such an important role. Each needs to know how the other is thinking and adjust to make the union successful.

Both signs tend to be serious, to regard their role in life as being important. This augurs well for a great family life. Capricorn can keep Cancer informed about life outside the home and about what is happening in the big wide world. Cancer can establish a secure and loving home to which Capricorn can return and find peace and happiness.

They share goals in that they love fine things and a secure home with beautiful possessions and surrounds. Both are happy to work hard to achieve their goals. Cancer does tend to stay at home a lot and the more adventurous Capricorn can be a good influence here and help their mate spread their wings.

The best aspect of their life is their dedication to one another.