Sun Sign Compatibility for Capricorn Man And Aquarius

Capricorn Man & Aquarius Woman

Capricorn is the steady and reliable type and Aquarius is a whiz at making friends. When this pair unites they work well as they bring out the best in one another. Capricorn travels slowly and adopts a conservative approach to most things. Aquarius is full of beans and keen to get involved almost at the drop of a hat.

Loyalty is a strong point for both so once this pair agree to become a team, they will have a deep love for each other and form a partnership which is girded with steel.

They clash in some basic ways. Capricorn is very well organized and does everything according to a plan. Aquarius finds routine a dead-set bore and wants to get cracking without rules and regulations. Each can teach the other some important new skills. Capricorn can loosen up a little and Aquarius can learn the benefits of a stable and well-planned lifestyle.

Capricorn seeks an outcome which is specific and has been planned for over a period of time. Aquarius likes surprise and enjoys a random result.

Their success as a team though is the depth of their commitment. They form a bond which is almost impossible to break and that strength brings them great inner peace and happiness.