Sun Sign Compatibility for Cancer Man And Libra

Cancer Man & Libra Woman

An ideal relationship is where the faults or weaknesses of one person are helped or fixed by the good points of their partner. This happens and in spades with Cancer and Libra.

Cancer can get sulky and moody and the charm and tactful behavior expressed by Libra is a huge help in the tact department. Libra is famous or infamous for their indecision, their procrastination. Well Cancer is a whiz when it comes to getting things done especially around the house.

But the shared characteristics are also terrific. Both signs are emotional and caring souls. Both care deeply about the feelings of others and when combined make for a powerful and loving couple in terms of goodness and health and happiness.

Cancer and Libra do most things together including laughing and crying. They share a powerful desire for peace, for happiness to prevail over sadness.

They can have their problems. Cancer is deeply emotional and sensitive and Libra can examine things intellectually. But so long as both understand where the other is coming from, the chances of a long and stable relationship are fine.

As Cancer is big on being a mother figure or being mothered and Libra likes being an equal treating others as they wish to be treated, there is a chance of conflict therein.

But because they share a common goal in the important things in life, their future together should be happy and healthy.