Sun Sign Compatibility for Cancer Man And Gemini

Cancer Man & Gemini Woman

Watch out because this pair can be a difficult combination. Cancer is a reserved and quiet person while Gemini is witty and wise with ideas aplenty. Cancer is sensitive and prone to emotional feelings. Gemini is lively and up and about whereas Cancer is stuck in their crab-like shell and not at all adventurous.

That’s where the difficulties may arise. But it’s not all bad news. If Gemini can entice Cancer into a more risky lifestyle and Cancer can offer the security of a caring and nurturing family person, then things can become exciting.

If Gemini ever wanted someone to defend their home and have it running like a Swiss clock, then Cancer is the one to provide all those luxuries and reliability. All Gemini has to do is convince Cancer that they are loved and respected and the twins can go through life with a smile on their two faces.

The combination of emotion and intellect is almost perfect. If they allow themselves to meld they could create the ideal partnership. But because they approach life from opposite directions, getting the mix right is not going to be easy. By getting that balance right, life can become roses and wine. But only if they communicate well.

Each sign has traits which the other lacks so if they hook up and agree to swap characteristics, the sky is the limit.