Sun Sign Compatibility for Cancer Man And Cancer

Cancer Man & Cancer Woman

If you want loyalty, deep love and a very strong emotional attachment, a Cancer and Cancer couple will give you those things and more. And an added and immensely worthwhile benefit is that the deeper the love each has for the other, the stronger they grow as individuals and as a couple.

A Cancer person can become moody and it is vital that each partner watches out for this. Going quiet and sulking are two clear signs that the Cancer partner has gone into their shell and is in a funk. The other should try and nip this behavior in the bud and find ways to draw out their partner. Get them involved in something else and take their mind off their worries.

A home person, Cancer will fight to the death to protect their possessions and their family. When you have both partners acting like this you have a heady mix of family love and isolation. Getting moody when their security is threatened is another tell tale sign of the crab.

Cancer is highly emotional but their feelings and be hurt quite easily and a common response is to retreat. They go back into their shell and this can be a tricky time. You could get the silent treatment for quite some time.

But the best thing is the great thing. Their love is deep and their loyalty is as strong as ever.