Sun Sign Compatibility for Cancer Man And Aries

Cancer Man & Aries Woman

This is a classic case situation where opposites attract one another. This could be seen as almost the perfect example of diametrically opposed characters finding themselves being drawn to the other. Cancer is sensitive, quiet and conservative while Aries is emotional, full of life, blunt and upfront which can excite Cancer.

They do have one trait which links them and that is that they both care deeply about their loved ones. Cancer draws a protection tightly around their family while Aries is the brave warrior opposing any danger. Cancer takes the role of protector to heart but Aries is keen to listen to family members.

Being a thinker Cancer often keeps their feelings and thoughts within. With their open and outgoing behavior Aries is a good foil. This can draw out those inner feelings of the Cancer person.

It can make for a terrific combination. Cancer works behind the scenes making sure everything is working well whereas Aries is the show pony out front doing their thing.

Because Cancer changes their mind at regular intervals and thinks a lot, they need to remember that Aries is never likely to hold back but rather is off like a rocket and in the middle of the action. Cancer should remember that the non-stop action routine of Aries is just that – non-stop – and Aries must remember to be sensitive to the sensitive Cancer.