Sun Sign Compatibility for Cancer Man And Aquarius

Cancer Man & Aquarius Woman

Tricky at times to see how this pair will end up together. Cancer is the home loving type who is keen on family and possessions. Aquarius is the active, gregarious person who will have little attachment to their home. If a new job offer pops up, Aquarius will move to the next town or country at the drop of a hat.

But as is often the case, opposites attract and the emotional practical Cancer can really hit it off with the unconventional out-going Aquarius. The secret with opposite pairings is to offer something new to their partner.

Cancer has deep emotional ties and desires the security of a solid home life. Aquarius has the stimulation of going places and doing things to add spice and adventure to their Cancer partner. It’s all a matter of finding a balance.

They are both determined and can set and achieve excellent goals. It’s just that Cancer will stick to the tried and true ways of doing things while Aquarius will tackle strange projects in unusual ways.

Cancer is happy to make the most of what they have got while Aquarius is forever seeking new pastures and new ideas. It’s an unlikely mix but given patience and understanding both can really benefit from loving the other.