Sun Sign Compatibility for Aries Man And Pisces

Aries Man & Pisces Woman

This is an interesting partnership in which Aries is lively and a doer whereas Pisces is a dreamer and a thinker. But that’s a great basis for love if handled properly.

Aries meets someone they like and dives right in. Pisces is the exact opposite and takes their time. Pisces likes to care for those they love and Aries could well find their enthusiasm for romance nicely wrapped in a loving layer of consideration.

The danger here is that Pisces is a giver and will stop at nothing to provide their partner with love and affection. Nothing is too hard for Pisces. Now if their Pisces partner doesn’t respond in kind, it can become a one-way street. With one partner doing most if not all the giving, friction and arguments can arise.

But there are some good points. Aries is practical and passionate. The fantasies of Pisces can become reality when teamed up with Aries.

Again it’s a balance which is required. Pisces can bring calmness and tenderness to Aries who can add zing and pizzazz to the less-active Pisces. Get the balance right and everyone wins.

With any combination of Fire and Water signs, things are seldom easy. But the passion of Aries and the gentle sensitive nature of Pisces have much to offer each other.