Sun Sign Compatibility for Aries Man And Libra

Aries Man & Libra Woman

Well you can’t get any more opposite than these two signs. On the Zodiac they are 180 degrees apart. Aries is concerned about self, about racing into things and dominating even if with intimidation. Libra could not be any more different.

Libra is an intellectual and a charmer who wants to achieve things by persuasion. Again each can learn from the other. With Libra a peacemaker and keen on harmony, Aries can learn to be a lot less brash and sensitive.

But Libra is also indecisive and tends to procrastinate. Boy can Aries teach Libra something about making snap decisions and getting involved in anything new and adventurous.

Aries does not like to give ground whereas Libra is keen on resolution and a fair settlement. Someone will have to give ground on that score.

It’s easy for each to dislike the other. Libra sees Aries as pushy, overbearing and aggressive and Aries sees Libra as indecisive and weak. With each giving a little ground to the other, there is a chance that their differences will not spoil what could be a satisfying relationship for both.

A true Libra will speak calmly and without rancor. A true Aries will speak with enthusiasm and a single-minded attitude. As they say in the classics, “Something’s gotta give.