Sun Sign Compatibility for Aries Man And Gemini

Aries Man & Gemini Woman

This pairing has the potential to really enjoy a wonderful relationship. They are different and if they connect well then both can learn from the other and benefit individually as well as a couple. Aries is a heart person and Gemini more a brain person. Aries wants to take action and Gemini likes to discuss things.

It’s vital that the pro-active Aries allows Gemini time to weigh up the options and even discuss things beforehand. Don’t rush your Gemini. With the passion of Aries and the thinking of Gemini there is the potential to have some interesting debates. The best of both makes for a terrific union.

The key to success is to allow Aries to suggest all sorts of interesting projects but allow Gemini the time and space to plan and consider these projects. Push too hard and Gemini will rebel.

Both signs should be careful because they do not suffer fools gladly and will drop a project or a person if boredom looms on the horizon. It’s important they do not hog the limelight. Check out what the other has to offer and in that way lies the best chance of a long and happy relationship.

If Gemini can allow Aries to take the lead and if Aries can allow Gemini to express their ideas and feelings, things could be first-class