Sun Sign Compatibility for Aries Man And Capricorn

Aries Man & Capricorn Woman

When this pair makes it happen, life is fine but getting the relationship to click is a lot easier said than done. Aries charges in and wants everything to happen immediately. Capricorn is the exact opposite. They move far more slowly and only after having weighed up the good and bad points of the adventure. Aries is the petulant child and Capricorn the wise parent.

So Aries needs to be aware of the careful nature of Capricorn and Capricorn needs to take into account the volatile and exuberant lifestyle of Aries.

In the romantic stakes, Aries hits the ground running while Capricorn is far more likely to examine the good and bad points of an Aries partner to be sure their coupling will work.

Both signs are full of energy but their ways and means of achieving success can be quite different. Unless they work out their travel path together, things may never work. And their relationship seems to have a better chance of success in business than in love.

Setting the same goal is the best way these signs can happily relate to each other. Aries can benefit from the care and planning of Capricorn who, in turn, can benefit from the spark and flair of Aries.

But because they are different, if they do agree to disagree and work together on a shared goal, their respective good points when combined make for a marvelous partnership.