Sun Sign Compatibility for Aries Man And Cancer

Aries Man & Cancer Woman

Talk about opposites attract. This is nigh on the perfect example with Aries emotional and full of life while Cancer is far more quiet and conservative. Aries is blunt and upfront which can excite Cancer who in turn may appeal to Aries because of the sensitive nature of the Cancerian.

One unifying aspect of these sun signs is that they both care deeply about their loved ones. Aries is the brave warrior scaring away any danger while Cancer draws a protection tightly around their family. But Aries is keen to listen to family members whereas Cancer takes the role of protector to heart.

Cancer is a thinker and often keeps their feelings and thoughts within. Aries is a good foil with their open and outgoing behavior. This can draw out those inner feelings of the Cancer person.

It can make for a terrific combination. Aries is the rock ‘n roll performer and Cancer is backstage making sure everything is working well.

Because Cancer thinks a lot and changes their mind at regular intervals, they need to be aware that Aries is likely to be off and running and in the thick of the action. Cancer needs to be aware of the non-stop action routine of Aries and Aries needs to be sensitive to the sensitive Cancer