Sun Sign Compatibility for Aries Man And Aries

Aries Man & Aries Woman

It’s a race when two Aries come together – a full-blown, flat-out race. Both are keen and enthusiastic. Both love bragging and winning the bragging rights. They are individuals and want to go their own way and do their own thing. This can mean friction. Egos make for dangerous stumbling blocks.

It’s tricky. If the Aries pair make it, their love will be strong getting stronger. But if they clash the flare-up can be fiery. If Heaven has a say in things, an Aries to Aries marriage may well have been made elsewhere.

An Aries needs to think more with the head and less with the heart. Trying to outwit their new companion may be fine but as their companion is likely to be doing the same thing, conflicts can simmer and romance can fade. And quickly.

One big plus is the generous nature of an Aries so if even one is true to form, there is scope for love to grow. To make your romance work, plan a vision for your future together. If you’re both aiming for the same thing, chances are you’ll succeed.

An Aries is a terrific fighter and the secret is to make sure both are on the same side. Fighting together is fantastic but in opposite camps, the fight can literally be to the finish of the relationship