Sun Sign Compatibility for Aquarius Man And Taurus

Aquarius Man & Taurus Woman

Here we find two pretty powerful individuals and so one is unlikely to dominate the other. The key to success therefore is teamwork. They clash on so many fronts but again, if they co-operate, well the sky’s the limit.

Taurus is practical and down to earth. Aquarius is unconventional and does things in new and unusual ways. Taurus tends to resist change and Aquarius is the strongest advocate for change in the universe. So while they are so different in many ways, they are unified in that they both have a strong desire to succeed. This may mean that they are better as business partners than bed partners but anything is possible when two such hard workers team up together.

When these two signs get together romantically, it may not take long before one or both stops and asks why. Why have I hitched up with so different a person? Then, and only then, can the coupling work if each partner assesses the situation and is prepared to adjust.

Taurus has the stability and the reliability to make a relationship last. Aquarius has the dash and flair to bring excitement and re-invigorate the lifestyle. If both accept the other’s good points, the future can be rosy indeed.