Sun Sign Compatibility for Aquarius Man And Gemini

Aquarius Man & Gemini Woman

With this pairing it’s a case of great minds think alike in what can only be described as a beautiful marriage of minds. There are minor drawbacks because Aquarius can be a touch stubborn and Gemini might be a touch slow for the quick-witted and lively Aquarius.

But they are minor problems for this well-matched couple. Gemini is a terrific thinker and Aquarius is a great humanitarian. With all this goodwill and love to share, when they combine they are a power for good for themselves and for others.

Mind you it is wise not to push Gemini and you should give them the space in which to tackle life’s adventures. They don’t like to be hemmed in.

They are both Air signs which further cements their bond. They are both sociable and gregarious and love meeting and mixing with others. Both have lots of interests and there is rarely a dull moment between them.

Aquarius is a Fixed sign and inclined to dig in their heels on some issues. Gemini is a Mutable sign and adapts easily to change. But because they share so many interests and love discussing and debating matters, it should be easy for them to enjoy so much together and sort out any hiccups along the way.