Panchpakshi Compatibility For Vulture And Vulture

Vulture Man & Vulture Woman

Compatibility Analysis

Similarity of birth-bird between both the life partners will have an impact over your nature and both of you will have similar nature. But this similarity is not favorable for your married life. You both will ignore each other's needs due to your stubborn temperament. It will result in lack of compatibility in your married life. You both may also face difficulties in taking decisions, even on a very crucial issue. So it is essential for you to react very patiently and wisely in such circumstances.

After analyzing the situations you are undergoing in your married life, you are advised to be loyal to your spouse and don't betray each other. Another factor that should be taken care of is, recognize the qualities of your life partner and don't compare him/her with others, to lead a happy married life.

Couple's Personality Traits

Vulture is the birth-bird for both of you. Therefore you will be of childish nature.You both will have an interest in music and fine arts. You both will love eating sweets. You will take part in various spiritual ventures and would love to help needy.

Worship lord Shiva and the difficulties of your life will wither away.

Recommendations From The Panch Pakshi Shastra

Love and trust are the foundations of married life. Move ahead with compatibility and cooperation in the married life. Try to prioritize the happiness of your family over your self-centered interests. Be sensitive towards your spouse and don't be impatient.