Panchpakshi Compatibility For Rooster And Vulture

Rooster Man & Vulture Woman

Compatibility Analysis

Comparison of birth-charts indicates that both the birth-birds share a relation of enmity with each other. It is not favorable for house hold matters, and you may have to undergo difficulties in this relation. You may get involved into conflicts even over very minor issues. It may result in the lack of love and trust in your marital life.

You may ignore your responsibilities under such circumstances. You may have a feeling of distrust towards your life partner. There may be an environment of conflict in your family and you may also notice lack of support from your spouse.

You both will have a desire for material comforts. You both love spending time with your friends. Be patient, otherwise you may have to encounter critical phases ahead in your married life.

Couple's Personality Traits

According to your birth-chart your birth-bird is Vulture, therefore, you will have a childish nature and there would be a lack of sense of responsibility as well. Your carelessness towards crucial issues may put you in difficult situation. You have interest in creative arts but have more inclination towards music. You like eating sweets. You are advised to keep a check over your stubbornness.

As per Panch Pakshi principles your birth-bird is Cock, therefore, you will have maturity and seriousness in your behavior. You make very well thought decisions, but don't be selfish. Keep control over your temper as the feeling of hatred will increase in you. You love tangy food.

Recommendations From The Panch Pakshi Shastra

Marriage is a very sensitive bond between two life partners, which can last lifelong only through love and trust. Be patient and try to cooperate with your spouse in matters related to your household. You both should worship lord Shiva and Ganesha, as their blessings will reduce difficulties of your life.