Panchpakshi Compatibility For Rooster And Peacock

Rooster Man & Peacock Woman

Compatibility Analysis

The birth-chart comparison for marriage shows that both of your birth-birds share relation of enmity. This may also influence your married life and you may experience turmoil in your married life. The reason is that you may ignore expectations of your spouse in fulfilling the desire for material comforts and it may dig gap between both the life partners.

In such circumstances there will be lack of support and commitment in your relations hence you may move in different direction for the sake of your own happiness. Try to resolve conflicts as far as possible and trust each other. Do not compare your spouse with another individual and admire the qualities of your spouse.

Couple's Personality Traits

Rooster is your birth-bird therefore you are a self-centered person speak useless while lost the temper. This bird also indicates that you are an intelligent person do not come at conclusion without analyzing the whole situation. You hate lie and love to sleep for long hours. You also love tangy food.

Peacock as your birth-bird shows that you will have lack of courage and will not trust anybody easily. You will have stability in thoughts but will also be a bit shy in nature as a result you will hesitate in beginning any project on your own. You feel have a superiority complex.

Recommendations From The Panch Pakshi Shastra

You can reduce the trouble from your married life if you are devoted towards each other and assist your spouse up to his/her expectations. Give some time to your spouse from your busy schedule and try to understand each others view point. Be patient and calm in during the situation of conflicts and try to resolve the issue. Worship lord-Ganesha as it is favorable for you.