Panchpakshi Compatibility For Rooster And Crow

Rooster Man & Crow Woman

Compatibility Analysis

The compatibility consideration of birth-chats through Panch Pakshi method shows that both of the birth-birds share friendly relations. As a result you both will share loving and supportive relationship after marriage. You both will have similarity in thoughts and therefore will take mutual decisions in matters related to your household.

You will motivate each other and will be able to overcome difficult situations through your intellect. You both are very ambitious people but do not let your ambition influence your married life otherwise there may be turmoil in your married life. So try to give importance to the happiness of your spouse instead of your desires.

Couple's Personality Traits

As per Panch Pakshi Astrology your birth-bird id Crow therefore you will have an attractive appearance and people will get influenced due to your personality. You are a bit lazy person and love to sleep more but try to reduce your hours of sleeping. You have desire to earn more and more profits but you need to make efforts for that. Sense of fulfillment is the key to happiness therefore try not to be greedy.

Rooster as your birth-bird indicates that you make very thought out moves but you also loose your temper if not satisfied with the situation. Your anger is not favorable for your health and relations as well. But one of the best quality of yours is that you take up your responsibilities very seriously and give consider others rights as well.

Recommendations From The Panch Pakshi Shastra

Compatibility between life partners doubles the joy in life therefore it is important for both of you to do not let your spouse realize that you are superior or inferior to him/her. Also don't let your ambitions disturb your marital life and keep laziness aside for you otherwise these factors may dig gap between both of you.