Panchpakshi Compatibility For Peacock And Vulture

Peacock Man & Vulture Woman

Compatibility Analysis

Birth-chart comparison indicates that the birth-birds of both of you share a friendly relationship. Therefore you will lead a happy married life. Your marriage will rest upon love, affection and trust. You both are vigilant and thoughtful and you will be able to resolve serious issues of household through peaceful conversations. You will respect each other's feelings selflessly and seek happiness in the happiness of your spouse.

All factors that are necessary for a successful marriage are inculcated in your relationship, which will prevent you from turmoil in your married life. Although you have different thoughts over some issues, but it also strengthens your relation. All these features conclude that, you are an ideal pair and life partners who are made for each other.

Couple's Personality Traits

The birth-chart comparison through Panch Pakshi Astrology indicates that your birth-bird is Peacock therefore you will be a religious person. Spirituality will bring stability in your thoughts but you will be a bit shy in nature. You will enjoy the environment of pleasure and enthusiasm but you may feel uneasy in difficult situations. You will experience happiness by recalling joyful events of the past. You will be an attractive personality.

Vulture is your birth-bird therefore you will innocent and unsteady just like kids. You will be a naughty and jovial person and will inculcate moral values in others. You will respect others and take your relationship seriously. You love the pleasant view of hilly regions.

Recommendations From The Panch Pakshi Shastra

Although you are a made for each other pair, but still be calm to enjoy a lifelong relationship. Assist each other even during the crucial phase of your life, and pray lord-Shiva as it will be favorable for you.