Panchpakshi Compatibility For Peacock And Peacock

Peacock Man & Peacock Woman

Compatibility Analysis

As you both same birth-birds therefore you will have same ideology which indicates that you will lead a happy married life. You both will maintain compatibility and cooperation in your relationship. You both will take care of each others expectations and will take mutual decisions.

There are very rare chances of turmoil in your married life because you both admire the qualities of each other and motivate your partner in his/her need. You both will cooperate each other either in household responsibilities or work place. You both will overcome difficult situations with calm and patience.

Couple's Personality Traits

You both have steady nature due to the impact of your birth-bird and do not get blown away with emotions. You live in the past and this habit of stamp collection give you mental stress. You like birds and natural surroundings. You are advised to not to be egoistic and shy. Read "Geeta" (a sacred text) to reduce the mental stress.

Recommendations From The Panch Pakshi Shastra

You will enjoy the pleasure of the married life and you need to understand each others needs to retain happiness in your married life. Be careful about each others likes and dislikes and do not hurt anyone self-esteem. Keep faith in God and worship with devotion.