Panchpakshi Compatibility For Crow And Peacock

Crow Man & Peacock Woman

Compatibility Analysis

As per Panch Pakshi Astrology both the birth-birds don't share friendly relations which indicates that you may have to experience conflicts in your married life. You need to maintain compatibility in your relationship otherwise you may face lack of assistance and commitment in your married life.

It may be possible that you may ignore the merits of your spouse which my increase gap between you. Avoid such situations through incorporating the feeling of trust and do not made comparison of your spouse with another individual. If you happen to experience turmoil in your married life then do not put allegations on your life partner. Also try to ignore minor mistakes of your spouse as it will boost the sense of belonging in your relationship.

Couple's Personality Traits

Compatibility Consideration of birth-charts indicates that your birth-bird is Crow therefore you want to be appreciated. You lack the feeling of fulfillment therefore you will always have the desire to earn more and more material comforts. Such desire is not favorable for your married life. A merit of your personality is that you don't stick to events which occurred in the past and move ahead towards future.

As your birth-bird is Peacock therefore you will have stability in our thoughts and will have a balanced behavior. You are a reserved person and hesitate to kick start a project on your own. You get disturbed due to the evens that occurred during past so this stamp collection is not favorable for you. Do not spoil your social and family relations over minor disputes. A positive thing in your nature is that you do not lose your temper quickly and not get blown away with the wind of emotions.

Recommendations From The Panch Pakshi Shastra

You may face turmoil in your married life but you can make an attempt to overcome such difficulties through your intellect and behavior. You both need to respect each others needs and expectations and stand by with each other in either pleasant or crucial situations. Worship of Lord-Surya will also be benefic for your married life.