Numerology love compatibility for 6 and 6

marriage numerology

The ruling planet of number 6 is Venus. In this association, both people will live in complete harmony. Both the people will love nature, beauty and fine things in life and therefore will make a beautiful couple. Both the people will be completely balanced. They will have lots of common sense and will give priority to their families. This association is very good for friendship. Together, they could work for charities and raise money for various projects. Often, this may not create an exciting relationship due to the lack of friction. But, these two will always be cooperative and civil to each other.

This is a combination charged with romance but in essence it is rather practical by nature. Home and family is the nature of both here and these will be the top priorities for sure. This is a very compatible pairing. People of number 6 care for their family yet want to keep every family member under their control. The challenge is to see who is going to be in charge. The circumstances of the relationship will usually be able to sort this out.