Numerology love compatibility for 3 and 3

marriage numerology

Number 3 is ruled by planet Jupiter. Both the people in this type of association are strong, stubborn, talented, versatile and restless. People who are in a relationship due to the association of these numbers should be understanding and should give freedom to one another. Both of these love to live life in their own way. With each other’s help, this association can make a beautiful relationship.

An association of the people of number 3 is usually wild, interesting and creative people. No other association has more fun than two people of number 3 who can coexist and understand each other. The problem arises if any one of the two is unable to hold on to the practical needs of the other.

This association can be closely related to chaos and fun. Both these people easily get carried away. They are better friends than being lovers or business partners. A relationship between a grandparent and a child will also be good.