Numerology love compatibility for 1 and 1

marriage numerology

The ruling planet for number 1 is Sun. People of number 1 have strong leadership qualities and are also assertive and demanding in relationships. If you both are of number 1, you will need to keep your big egos in check and make sure you don’t spend your energies trying to dominate each other. Treat your relationship responsibly. On the positive side, you will share your ideals, thoughts and ambitions with your partner which will help lay a strong foundation for your relationship.

A combination of number 1 with number 1 is very beneficial for business but it is often not as good for personal relationships. For marriage, it might become difficult to maintain peace as both of you will be demanding, ambitious, egoistic and assertive and each of you may keep trying to prove himself or herself smarter than the partner.

The secret for a happy relationship for two people of number 1 is to develop responsibility and understanding. A combination of number 1 with number 1 can take a relationship to new heights if the partners can stop being competitive towards each other.

Keep in mind that people of number 1 have a strong independent streak and do not like to play a secondary role in a relationship. Respect your partner just as you would want them to respect you. Expect this relationship to be filled with a lot of excitement.