You have Taurus Sunsign & Virgo Moonsign

You are attractive, composed, dignified, stable and rational thanks to the combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign. Taurus is practical and steady and Virgo is calm and sharp. Your personality blends these qualities and your life will be very easy most of the times. You are talented and gifted but you need stimulation and motivation. It is hard to get you started but you are on a roll once you are involved in any work.

Minor problems are there in everyone’s life and they may irritate you at times. But they are to keep you on the track and make you realize your duty. Small pains are good to keep you alert and dutiful. You are very intelligent and wise. You are sensible and smart. Your sharp traits help you do any task very smoothly. Your ventures are fruitful when you use your own intellect and acumen. You are bright and sharp-witted. You are aware, alert and attentive. Reading is your passion. You are a learner by nature.

You want authority but no liability. You lack accountability and power. You do not want people to command you but without any responsibility you will not achieve higher positions in life. You have an appealing and insightful personality. Your personality is charming and captivating. You use your personal traits very well to get a good and satisfying life. You have little problems getting your work done and get benefit from situations. Your charisma can turn any situation in your favor.