You have Pisces Sunsign & Virgo Moonsign

Persons having the combination of Pisces Sun sign and Sagittarius Moon sign have insightful, perceptive and sensitive qualities of Pisces and scholarly, judgmental, realistic and sensible qualities of Virgo. You think rationally, logically and judiciously. You are sharp, observant, intuitive and wise. You think practically. Your plans are feasible and doable and not imaginative. Combination of rational thinking and intuitive perception keeps you steady. You use your common sense and criticizing nature to your benefit. You are good at assessing and analyzing facts. You are emotionally stable owing to your practical and critical nature.

Your strong sixth sense comes handy in your life. You value honesty and straightforwardness and always open to accept the reality. Undoubtedly you are very adjustable and bendy because you give everything a serious and constructive thought. Being versatile does not mean that you are not focused and responsible towards your work. You are not commanding and authoritative. You like jobs that do not demand you to be in the power position. You have goals but they are not the heart and soul of your life. You admire accuracy and perfection. You like competence, diligence and serious efforts. It is however difficult for your to be perfect in every task.

You are difficult to please. You have set high standards for yourself. You are choosy and picky may it be your clothes or your expressions. Your life is simple and sober. You use your sharpness to be successful in life. Maintain equilibrium between your sentiments and sensibility to be content. You are helpful to the needy and perform your duties calmly. You are not loud-mouthed about your actions. You like serenity, care and sincerity without any botheration.