You have Libra Sunsign & Virgo Moonsign

You have the combination of Libra Sun and Virgo Moon. You do not like restrictions and compulsions. You want to be your own master. You like to be free and independent. You do not like people telling you what and when to do. You are investigative and judgmental. Your mind is analytical and discriminating.

You think logically and rationally. Emotions do not drive you; your mind is in control of your decisions. You are a keen observer. You analyze things finely and precisely. You are very careful and thorough. You never hold anything inside. You open your heart and express yourself freely. You say what you feel. You are not diplomatic and politically correct. You can be a little loud and forceful.

Your reasons are sensible and realistic. You never do anything that’s against your wish. Whatever may be the collective decision of others, you do what you feel is right. You do not stock up bitter feelings about anyone.

You always believe what you think is right. Your emotions are in your control and do not have much impact on your mind. You think sensible and reasonably. You are understanding and compassionate but not as affectionate as you appear. You are always there for your friends and relations when they need to take something off their chest. But you lack sensitivity and emotional feel. You tend to generalize things.

You like the company of people. You are fond of your friends, may be old or recent. You do not hold on to experiences from the older times. You are not at all emotive and sensitive. You are much realistic and objective.