You have Gemini Sunsign & Virgo Moonsign

The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign makes you a thinker. Academic and scholarly things interest you. You may lack the flexibility and adaptability of Gemini. You are not broadminded and tolerant. Virgo Moon makes you very touchy and easily upset over unimportant things. You are delicate and thin-skinned.

You are ill-tempered and grouchy. You are highly strung and emotional. You tend to get the wrong impression of yourself. You lack confidence and faith in yourself. You often feel that others do not acknowledge your efforts and tend to ignore you. You feel that you are misread by others. Your mental anxiety and concern can be positive or negative for you depending upon your ability to apply it.

You plan and prepare things before acting. You may not be determined and focused on one objective for long. Your mind changes very quickly. You are not interested in details and fine points of an issue. You are analytical and express your complaints very openly. You are competent and effective. You are proficient and capable.

You do not hold on to grudges and ill will for long. You are forgiving and understanding. You never take things personally. You are not nasty and wicked. You are friendly, warm and fun. You may not be humorous but you are interesting and engaging. You are sober and intense. You achieve your aims when they excite your mental ability. Once you are involved in something you work hard to achieve your ends. You are very smart, reasonable and realistic. You think sensibly and rationally. You are more of a planner and a performer. You need mental peace, composure and serenity to move ahead in life.