You have Capricorn Sunsign & Virgo Moonsign

You are a bit introvert due to the combination of your Sun and Moon signs. Your outer image is very warm, cool and welcoming. You present yourself as confident, secure, positive and determined. This, however, is not your actual personality. In reality you lack self-confidence and self-belief. You are indecisive, unable to make up your mind and wavering.

Fields that do not need you to make the decisions and be in the commanding position appeal to you. You want to proceed in the direction where everything is fixed and preplanned and you do not have to decide much. You are clever and sharp. Your approach is rational, objective, organized, reasoned, selective and judicious. You give a serious thought and evaluation before agreeing to something. Detailed investigation and profound study make your steps fairly logical.

Your sentiments are in your grasp. You do not let your emotions rule your mind. Your mind takes charge of your feelings. Your reactions are well-thought out, cautious and measured. You are not very outgoing and prefer solitude. Forming bonds with you is difficult because you are guarded, careful, cold and detached.

You are smart and intelligent. Your general awareness and knowledge is remarkable. But you are not very comfortable with concepts, models and philosophies. You are efficient when you focus on a single aim. Academically you must rely on your main strength and take the road of facts and figures.