You have Cancer Sunsign & Virgo Moonsign

Cancer Sun and Virgo Moon complement each other. All the things that are common between the two signs are now magnified by their pairing. People under this combination are more careful and alert. They are genuine and sincere. They are modest and humble. Their approach in life is traditional and conservative. Cancer personality is emotional, kind and caring. Virgo is judgmental, sensible and realistic. Your personality is the perfect blend of these qualities.

Your steadiness and composure is admired by people around you. You make an effort to be confident and certain, positive and optimistic. You do not lose your temper very easily. You are serene and poised. Your attitude is logical and rational. You are firm and determined. You are sensitive and perceptive. Your understanding and considerate attitude impresses people around you.

You do not act in a hurry. You give a serious thought to your decisions and actions. You take your time to study and analyze the situation and then plan your course of action. Your introvert attitude will change with time as you get different experiences in life and learn from them. You will gain awareness and wisdom with time and your hesitation and insecurity will fade away.

Your spur-of-the-moment judgments and intuitions are often wrong. You mustn’t decide hastily. You must make up your mind carefully and wisely. You have the ability to perceive what other people want and expect. You are ethical and moralistic. You are responsible and able. You are dependable and trustworthy. You are principled and righteous. Customs and values are important to you. You are always ready to help others and contribute to the society.