You have Aries Sunsign & Virgo Moonsign

You are very calm and composed thanks to the combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign. You are not reckless and harsh as a typical Aries. You can be critical in a fair and positive manner. You are sensible and realistic. You value effectiveness and competence. You are focused and motivated. You work hard and sincerely to achieve your goals. You are a self-starter and go-getter. You use your composure, serene temperament and wisdom to accomplish your job.

You are not very imaginative and inventive but you are intelligent and smart. You use your qualities to get what you want. You focus on fine points and do not neglect even minute figures. You are very demanding and accurate. It is difficult for others to reach your standards and satisfy you. You do not tolerate inefficiency. You want perfection in every work. You do not appreciate inferior work. Your quest for excellence may overemphasize your critical nature and make you unpopular among your peers and subordinates. You do not connect with people very well. You are not very friendly and sociable. You enjoy solitude.