You have Virgo Sunsign & Taurus Moonsign

The combination of Virgo Sun and Taurus Moon is very auspicious and fruitful. It makes you very determined and levelheaded. Your life will be a bed of roses. You will be successful without much struggle and tough times. You are responsible and reliable. Others can trust and rely on you. You tend to agonize without any reason.

You are friendly, warm and pleasant. You are easy going and jovial. You are quick thinking and sharp-witted. You are bright and clever. Your traits will be handy in your professional life. You are calm and composed. You have a steady nature. You are self-assured, certain and confident. You may be temperamental at times, and need some time and serenity to relax your rage. You are calm once you have time to rationalize things.

Generally, you are reliable and dependable, but you can be too unpredictable and variable sometimes. Your actions may be odd and unusual occasionally. You are not purposeful and motivated, because you are not the one that has to work really hard and put much effort to gain success. You are sincere and unwavering in your work. You hang on to your jobs and complete them with dedication and devotion.

Your aspirations are not very big, and you are reluctant to make the first move. You have commendable administrative and managing skills. People admire you, and follow your orders. Your simple, clear-cut and candid approach makes you popular among others. Your subordinates value your persistent and steady attitude. You are skilled to generate opportunities and possibilities. You are realistic, sensible, shrewd and logical. Your personal and professional relationships will be in place on account of your intelligent and rational nature.