You have Taurus Sunsign & Taurus Moonsign

Taurus personality is very firm, dedicated, persistent and decisive. Your Sun and Moons sign both are Taurus. All the things that Taurus sun sign stands for is now magnified by the impact of Moon in Taurus. You are stable. You hang on to things. You are single-minded and focused on your job. People may perceive you as inflexible but it’s your devotion and commitment towards your work. You concentrate on your goals. Your thoughts do not wander. You do not see anything else when you are involved in your work. This doesn’t mean that you do not pay attention to your personal and social relationships. You are equally honest and committed to your family life. You have the ability to strike a balance between your professional and personal life. You time things perfectly.

You do not take any decisions in a hurry. You are firm and stick to your ideas. You do not change your mind very easily. Your thinking is typical and traditional. You hate changing with time. You admire power and position. You want success, command and a reputed status in life.

You are sincere and dependable. Your friends can trust you. You are open and faithful. You desire class in every sphere of life. You want a satisfying life in all. You value money. You are money-oriented. You plan your future well. You do like wastage of wealth but creation of wealth. You are a self-starter and go-getter. You work diligently to get success. You want to be at the top. You maintain good and formal relationships with your competitors and people on top of you. You are pleasant and nice.