You have Scorpio Sunsign & Taurus Moonsign

The combination of Scorpio Sun and Taurus Moon makes you emotionally and mentally forceful. You are a modest and humble person. Naturally Scorpio is emotionally vigorous, strong-minded and focused. You are truly practical and realistic. You are not an idealist.

Your approach in life is “do everything magnificently and outstandingly”. Your goals and ideas are always majestic and grand. Your thinking and sentiments are also splendid. Your personality is charismatic and appealing to others. You are thoughtful in the diplomatic way.

Taurus makes you steady and composed. It makes you sensible and realistic. Scorpio adds emotional and mental strength to your personality. It makes you focused and resolved. You are very passionate and objectively purposeful. You may be persistent and insistent.

Your way of life is fixed. It is not easily influenced and may be very rigid and stubborn. You lack adaptability and flexibility. It can be very positive if you cultivate these qualities in you. Rigid approach towards achieving your aims in life can exhaust you both mentally and physically.