You have Pisces Sunsign & Taurus Moonsign

You are friendly, pleasant and warm owing to the combination of your Pisces Sun sign and Taurus Moon sign. You have diplomatic skills. You are a very emotional and touchy person. You care and understand other people. You are a nice and courteous human being. You are cozy and considerate as long as people get along well with you. You are resistant to disagreement. You can be inflexible and unwilling to accept disapproval. You are easygoing unless forced. You do not compel people to do anything against their wish and you expect the same from others. You do not keep social over dues. You tend to behave and act perfectly.

You are thoughtful, flexible and sensitive as Pisces and rational, realistic and focused as Taurus. You are steady and stable mentally and calm and cool emotionally. This combination of Pisces and Taurus is excellent for you. Taurus provides you firmness and persistence along with sensitiveness of Pisces.

You are straightforward and unfussy. You are not reckless and have control over yourself. You hang on to things and perform your deeds in a professional manner. You are good at work and sorted in your ways. You can be a great artist. Your signs bless you with artistic skills. You are imaginative and creative. Your understanding and caring nature helps you make friends easily. You social circle will be a great support in life.