You have Libra Sunsign & Taurus Moonsign

The combination of Libra Sun and Taurus Moon blesses you with very attractive and amiable personality. You are very ambitious, determined and firm. Your freedom and liberty are most important to you. Planet Venus governs both of your Sun and Moon signs, making you very charismatic and alluring.

Your magnetic personality attracts others towards you. You are very sociable and welcoming. Libra makes you poise, polite and easygoing. Taurus makes you firm, resolved and strong-willed. You are very tolerant and calm. You get along people very well. Your opinions and ideas are very sensible and realistic.

You value time and never waste it running around trivial things. You will always look for alternatives that take less time and give good results. You try to save time and deliver more efficiently. You are single-minded and focus on your goal, taking it through to completion.

Your appealing personality will help bond professional relationships. You are not hasty and rash. You know how to be poise and steady. You can direct your emotions well. You know when to be diplomatic and subtle. This ability facilitates making benefiting business relationships and open new doors for you.

Like a Libra, you are very romantic in nature. Your love life is important and contributes to your contentment. You are also very artistic in nature. You are classy and stylish. You have all the ingredients to have a successful and satisfied life. You are tolerant, serene, poised and sound. You are a principled and spirited personality. You can balance your mental and emotional sides very well.