You have Leo Sunsign & Taurus Moonsign

The combination of Leo Sun and Taurus Moon makes you very firm and forceful. You have a broad perspective and rigid personality. Your tough attitude can be helpful or harmful at times. You are realistic and sensible. You have great decision-making and managerial skills. You are foresighted and prudent. You can anticipate opportunities and prospects. You will be very successful in business ventures.

You can be inflexible and tactless. You can be insensitive and inconsiderate. You are unwavering and insistent in your opinion even if when you know you are wrong. You are very sincere and truthful. You tend to see what you want to see. You are confident and certain of your opinions and always want to communicate you idea. But it is sometimes better to keep quiet.

Your stubborn and contradictory personality can lead to troubles in your life. You are unbendable and hardnosed. You tend to make a major issue out of a minor one. On the positive side, you are a performer. You complete your jobs with honesty and seriousness. You are very talented and authoritative. You know how to administer and direct others and get your work done.

You are very warm and affectionate for your loved ones. You are equally harsh on your competitors. You are caring and concerned for your friends and family. You expect love and sincerity in return. You want them to have faith in you. You want them to be loyal. You want respect, appreciation and understanding. You are deep and intense. You must try to stand apart and be more independent.