You have Cancer Sunsign & Taurus Moonsign

The combination of Cancer Sun and Taurus Moon makes you very friendly and congenial. You are tolerant, flexible, understanding and helpful. You are pleasant and polite. You are compliant and emotional. However this doesn’t mean that you are not focused and firm in your approach. You are humorous and light. You are sincere, truthful and understanding. You are thoughtful and kind. You are accepted and admired by people around you. You make friends very easily.

You get along with people very easily. You are open, direct and simple. You are welcoming to others and diplomatic when required. You are down-to-earth and humble. You love these qualities in others as well. You do not like showy, egotistical and arrogant people. You are frank with only some people. This does not imply that you are reserved and aloof. You are choosy and picky in your social and personal circle.

You are genuine, honest, faithful and dependable. Your friends must also be the same. You are determined and rational. You think logically and sensibly. You tend to analyze and study your feelings and thoughts. You are familiar with your both positive and negative sides. You are sensitive and easily influenced. You are poised and composed. You are disciplined and efficient.

You are money-oriented and worldly pleasures appeal to you. You understand how to make and save money. For some having this combination may not be favorable money-wise. Some people may be very tight-fisted. But if you want to enjoy a better quality life then you will know how to prevent this situation and add to your wealth.