You have Aquarius Sunsign & Taurus Moonsign

With your sun sign Aquarius and your moon sign Taurus, you are an extremely likeable person. You are popular among every class of the society. You do not raise big issues out of unimportant and trivial matters. Your personal worries set aside; you are always ready to lend an ear and your heart to other people. Your interest in others and understanding nature make you highly empathetic, however you still manage to disengage yourself emotionally and not get too involved.

Your greatest quality is that you befriend people from all walks of life, choosing to see them as who they are rather than for what they do. Unpretentious and unique, you are not afraid to show the world who you truly are. Your weakness tends to be your lack of motivation and ambition. Instead you prefer to live your life on a ‘take it as it comes’ basis. Otherwise you can be a good leader in your professional world.

Aquarius adds brilliance and creativity and Taurus adds will power, concentration and focus to your personality. The blend of independence and a strong will makes you very loyal, but at the same time excessively stubborn and averse to change. Learn to be more flexible or this could hamper your personal growth. Ensuring a peaceful home-life and smooth relationships will make you an all round happier person.